Donna Fone LMFT LPCC - Therapist in California, New York, North Carolina & South Carolina

Somatically-oriented Psychotherapy, Counseling & Coaching

I am a somatically-oriented psychotherapist, counselor and life coach which means that I pay close attention not only to what you say with words, but what the other parts of you are saying as well: your tone of voice, your gestures, your pace, your body tension or ease, your internal experience. These are all parts of your experience that can be brought into awareness and explored.

My interest in somatic (body-centered) psychology stems from my yoga practice and my own experience of crises and transformation. During a challenging period in my life, I found that my ways of moving and seeing had become habitual and it was through the different lenses of various somatic modalities that I began to see and experience myself differently. I found that focusing on my body’s present moment experience was a catalyst for tremendous healing.

I offer psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching services for individuals, couples and families. I work with people of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious or spiritual beliefs. The work we do together will be tailored to your specific needs and may call for a somatic approach, a more traditional approach, or as often happens, a combination of both.

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