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We all yearn for human connection; this connection is vital to our emotional and physical well being throughout our lives. For a newborn child, healthy brain and physical development is dependent on a strong bond with a parent or parents. As children grow, they become more independent, yet they still need the presence of and close connection with a primary caregiver to flourish. In a couples’ relationship, a strong loving bond nurtures each individual’s emotional and physical health as well as each person’s unique growth and creativity. Authentic and clear communication is crucial in all relationships. Often, though, challenges arise in relationships. If you choose, these challenges can be times of growth and change, to broadening one’s perspective, and deepening your connection. As a marriage and family therapist, I assist individuals, couples, children and families in creating meaningful, satisfying and vibrant relationships.

Services offered:

  • Single session, brief (2-10 sessions) and long-term depending on
    presenting issues and goals
  • Individuals, couples, small groups
  • Adults, adolescents
  • Free initial 15-minute phone consultation


Fees will be discussed and set during an initial phone consultation.

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh