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Life presents challenging situations for each and every one of us.   We as living beings are constantly pushed to the edge of who we are, for it is at the edges of experience that we learn.  Yet it is at the edges that we come up against the unknown, something that we have never experienced.  Often times, the ‘edge’ is not a comfortable place and often accompanied by fear.  But what is fear but a visceral experience, felt in the body, as bits of intense swirling sensations.  

Remember the last time you had to get up in front of a group and speak. Your heart may have begun to feel like an intense beating drum in your chest. You may have felt your belly muscles tighten and your throat constrict. You barely noticed your breath because it had become so shallow. If you take the time to notice, all of your moment-to-moment experiences are felt on a ‘gut’ level, happening so fast and giving your mind feedback so you can make the multitude of decisions it takes to make it through each day. Even something as simple as choosing what to eat is a visceral experience. Do you go for the liver? (Blah) Or, does pasta with chicken sound better? (Mmmmmm) Your body will give you feedback on a minute sensory level so that you can decide. Unless you’re paying close attention, this feedback happens fast and is not usually in your immediate awareness.

The body experience of fear is different for each of us. In the animal parts of our being, fear is a useful survival mechanism.  It helps us to take needed action or inaction in times of danger.  We freeze to bring less attention to ourselves. We run to get away from something or someone threatening. Often times, though, we become stuck in our fear, long after it is needed to physically survive.  The same is true for survival strategies that we created in our families of origin. These strategies worked when they were needed, but now, they may be keeping us stuck and creating unnecessary suffering.

So what would your life look like if you became ‘unstuck’?  What would you create for yourself if you were fully free to respond to life in the present moment; not just based on past experience? What could you create in your life or in your relationships?  

Exploring through the lens of the body can create more of a sense of aliveness. As you begin to tap a different way of ‘knowing,’ your moment-to-moment experiences become richer. You regain an ability that we all naturally have, but that has become hidden under layers of conditioning. With more aliveness comes deeper, more meaningful connection with others and clarity about yourself and your life’s direction. Join me on the most amazing journey of your life…an inner journey.